Why your next PC should be an All-In-One!

All-in-one (AIO) PCs are sort of like a laptop for your desk. They are self-contained units; you have a display and all the PC hardware behind it in a sleek, slim package. Many popular manufacturers like ASUS, Dell, Microsoft, and Lenovo make All-In-One PCs, but you might be wondering exactly why you might want one instead of a standard desktop and separate monitor. Here are four benefits and four downsides to buying an AIO PC to help you decide on a final purchase.

All-in-one PCs take up less space

All-In-One PCs are getting slimmer every day, pretty much to the point where you can mistake one for a standard monitor. Not so; inside is all the hardware needed to run. Whether you have a small area in your home, you need a multi-PC setup and don’t want two or three towers at your feet, or you have a ton of PCs in an office setting, removing the attached tower that comes with a standard desktop PC can free up a lot of space. On the office note, not having a bunch of cables attaching monitors to towers makes everything look much more proper to any potential customers coming to visit.

All-In-One PCs! Less is More …… Credits: Unknown

All-In-One PCs are Easier to Transport

Standard desktop PCs are usually constrained to your office or home just based on the fact that transporting a monitor, tower, cables, and peripherals is a bit of a hassle. In the event that you have to transport an AIO PC, however, you’re usually looking at a single unit with a cable; if you have an AIO with a touchscreen, you can also choose to forego carrying any peripherals, like a keyboard and mouse. Although AIO PCs are easier to transport than their standard desktop counterparts, you still want to grab a laptop if you’re someone who is on the move more than you’re stationary.

Tower Desktop PC with cables all over … Credit: Unknown

All-in-one PCs can give you a touchscreen experience

Touchscreens have come a long way in the last few years, and many Windows laptops and AIO PCs now feature them. The touch feature is great for artwork and design, especially if you get something with pen support like the Microsoft Surface Studio. There are also certain apps for Windows 10 that just work better with a touchscreen, and especially a pen. If you’ve been using a tablet for a long time and now want to upgrade to a more robust PC, an AIO with a touchscreen will be immediately familiar and you won’t miss the added functionality.

Touchy streak of a lenovo All-In-One PC … Credit: Anon

All-in-one PCs are easier to set

Not everyone is comfortable around a PC. Maybe they’ve used Apple products until now, or maybe they’ve just never taken time to get familiar with how a PC works. If you’re shopping for your first PC ever, you might be attracted to the simplicity of an All-In-One. To set it up, you basically plug it into a power outlet, hit the power button, and watch Windows 10 boot. A pre -built desktop PC isn’t that much harder to set up — you have to plug in your monitor, speakers, and any other cables — and is also a decent option for a new user. A PC that comes in pieces that you have to put together will likely be way over the head of someone who hasn’t spent a lot of time around the hardware. Bottom line: if you’re new to the PC game, an AIO is about as simple as it gets.

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